Fools on the Hill 
Posted to Jim Elve's Group Election Blog

Twelve years in power and the Liberals think Parliament Hill is the setting for a movie of the week - power struggles, changing of the guard, and personal vendettas rule while governing is reduced to inquiries and deference to the next mandate.

Mike Duffy on CTV claims the Auditor Generals report and the way it will be handled is being fought by Martin and Chretien supporters. Duffy claims that the Chretien people had a 1/2 hour conversation with John Reynolds (of the Conservative Party) on how Chretien was going to be treated, and how Paul Martin was going to be treated by the opposition.

"This is Jean Chretien trying to influence what happens on the floor of the House of Commons" and "trying to protect the reputation of Jean Chretien".

Duffy claims that Gagliano is refusing to return and will have to be fired to be removed from his post in Denmark with proof - the government is worried about a lawsuit.

He says that the report will show around 60 million dollars is missing in the province of Quebec - that the Quebec wing of the Liberal party has to account for a lot of this money. He posed the question of who ("a lot of big names") would have the power to authorize such movement of monies - and claimed that the gang that sent the RCMP on Mulroney are going to have the Mounties after them.

Also, yesterday Sheila Copps co-sponsored a private members' bill to protect pensions and benefits for workers in the case of bankruptcy with NDP MP Pat Martin. On CPAC's Primetime Politics last night Copps openly challenged Martin to rid himself of conflicts caused by his or his family's ownership of CSL. She also attacked Valeri and the Liberal Ontario minister Joe Volpe for their lack of action on the Stelco situation in Hamilton.

She claimed that the process of approving this legislation would be a test of Martin's democratic reform. Copps is now using legistation to attack Martin and his supporters - playing out a nomination power struggle with the nation's laws.

Questions: Can Martin really convince the Canadian people that he, the guy that was strolling in the park with Chretien in the ads during the last election, was not part of the previous administration? Will the Canadian public allow their federal government to become a Liberal party power play?

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