Duffy explains the depth of the scandal 
Posted to Jim Elve's Group Election Blog.

Mike Duffy today on CTV:

The newspapers - it seems to be fading from the front pages - our friends at the Globe and Mail move the story inside today.


The allegations that have been made, and are being made, to the police and another authorities, are really far beyond and much more corrupt than I think most Canadians here (thought) before, even though they knew it was a mess - we now begin to understand the reason for Paul Martin's rage.

The allegation is that senior political figures used the ad agencies to launder money and so, for example, the wife of a senior politician goes shopping in downtown Montreal, buying very expensive clothes, and a person from the ad agency goes along with a visa card and goes 'click' 'click' and it gets charged back to the advertising agency and gets charged back to the Government of Canada.


As more and more of this comes out it's not just about some esoteric plan to buy sponsorships in Quebec.

Its about senior people using these ad agencies as what they say is a 'dry cleaning' operation so that, for example, if a senior official, very close to the top of the previous administration, wanted to have a condo in Montreal so he could go down and meet his 'lady friends' the ad agencies would provide that - bill it back to the government as if its advertising.

This is the most corrupt thing I've every heard of in all my years on parliament hill and it's getting worse by the day.


People here have to be punished, it also give us a new indication of why the Chretien people were so determined to have anybody but Martin because they knew when Martin came in and got the scent of this thing he wouldn't back off.


I think all of the top people in the previous administration who were involved in the Quebec operation - we are talking about 8 or 10 people here - I'm not talking about public servants here - there were a few who probably knew what was going on but someone at the top had to give them the blessing.


It is so serious and so sickening, and goes so high and involves so much money that it makes anything that was ever said about Brian Mulroney and his administration pale by comparison. This is very serious stuff. The Royal commission will bring out the here-say because that's a lower standard of proof than you need for criminal charges but the police are on this in a very big way.

Trust me, store clerks who saw the little person with the visa card buying it for the wife of famous people and those who went on trips simply to pick up gifts on behalf of senior politicians and put them on the ad agency card and get back on the plane to bring them back home where they were given as a gift to these senior politicians - this will all come out. It may take a while but it will all come out and it's going to blow this town wide open.


March 20th the Tories elect a new leader of the opposition, March 23rd we get the budget, two weeks later they call the election for May 10th or May 17th - baring some disaster we are on our way for a May election that (can't make out two words) Paul Martin's cleanup act in the Government of Canada.

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