Bloggers keeping it straight 
Posted to Jim Elve's Group Election Blog.

It's just impossible to keep up with all the problems that the Liberals are facing but thankfully we have some great bloggers to keep us up to date on the daily developments in the various Liberal scandals, lies, and general mismanagement.


Coyne is continuing to bring you the latest on Adscam - he publicized the name, he brings you their shame. He states today that Adscam is the official scandal of the Sun newspaper chain - I think it's only fitting that we recognize andrewcoyne.com as the 'Official Blog of Adscam'. Coyne also reminds us that the brewing 'Monster Scandal' in BC might rise up again.


Inkless Wells has shown that Paul Martin's claims of nominations being 'local' matters and that he want to reserve winnable ridings for women is basically a lie. He's proving out the statement he made several months ago: “I'm gonna love covering this government.”


We have the E-Group highlighting the major problems in the military as a result of underfunding.

There is Trudeaupia continuing to hammer away at the government with some numbers from the National Post on regional development budgets - and suggesting there is going to be more to hear about them. Did you see the hilarious Google ad when Altantic Canada opportunites is entered into the engine - thanks Le blog de Polyscopique!

Gun registry up to 2 billion and counting - a great take by Kevin at tilting at windmills on the rural/urban divide.

I must have missed some things.

And, just when you think you've had enough - Duffy says: May 10th will be the election date.

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