How long do you have to make a first impression? 
Stronach's first stop was in Winnipeg. Roy MacGregor wrote this about it:

"For 20 minutes, on a day so cold even the streetlights froze, the young mother who would be prime minister appeared on Winnipeg radio station CJOB's popular "Adler On Line" and performed in such a manner that the kindest thing station workers could say of her when it was over was that they felt "sad" for her.

It was indeed a sad performance. She had the air of someone who has been so overhandled that she has no idea who she herself is or what she thinks. The result was that she came across as, sorry to have to say this, not very bright.

He added..

"Of the very, very few who defended her, they spoke out in favour of freshness and even said that those who ridicule her today for her "you knows" and "uhs" and "rights" are going to "feel pretty stupid themselves" in eight weeks when she proves them all wrong."

Eight weeks? Eight weeks until the vote but possible supporters, potential party members, and delegates are going to be making up their mind in the next two to three weeks.

Update: Came across Larry Zolf's article on Stronach - his first impression was a little more positive.

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