Do you remember? 
The radio, papers, and elsewhere were caulk full of calls for Lalime's head after the Dallas loss but after watching tonight's 4-1 Senators win over the Coyotes, with Prusek in net for Ottawa, it is obvious what the solution is for the Senators and their netminders.

Play more Phoenix and less Dallas.

Prusek made fewer key saves for the Senators tonight than Lalime did in the first and second periods of Wednesday's game - both Lalime and Prusek game up goals early in the third on powerplays. The Stars stepped up their intensity after that goal and scored quickly off a Lalime rebound - there were about 3 players right on top of Patrick but Maguire was quite certain that the goal was a result of poor 'rebound control'. In tonight's game, after Phoenix scored their goal to come within 1 of the Sens, they couldn't increase their play and it was the Senators who controlled the play.

Going into the previous night's game against Ottawa, the Stars had the fourth best record in the NHL. They scored 4 goals on Lalime in the third period to overtake a 3-1 Sens lead.

Pierre Maguire and the Sens fans and radio personalities, because of those 4 goals and a couple of lapses in a Pittsburgh game last week, have now decided that Lalime is not capable of leading this team to the cup final.

How quickly people forget. Molson Cup winner for 2002-03. Career playoff goals against average of 1.73. Stood tall in the Conference final last year - was a huge reason why the series went 7 games (2 goals on 53 shots in games 5 and 6).

Let's judge Lalime on his playoff performance this year.

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