Cold in Ontario 
What's colder? - the steering wheel on my car this morning (-30°C) or Pat Quinn's stare at Trevor Kidd after the thrashing the Sens gave the Leafs last night!

5 goals in the first period with a 7-1 final score - nice.

Do people just roll their eyes at Quinn now when he goes on one of his post-game criticism of the Senators? Last year he went on and on about how Niel had spit on Tucker which turned out not to be true and yesterday he tried to make a big deal out of Alfredsson's "joke" when he broke his stick and then acted as if he was going to Sundin it into the stands.

Much was made of the Leafs missing players - the salaries of the two lineups iced last night were....

Senators: $32,726,500
Leafs: $27,203,140

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