BC Racists, Bigots, and Pot for Coke Liberals 
On the drive into work today, I heard Steve Madeley on CFRA talking about the Miracle Newspaper in BC and it's anti-Semitic, hateful articles in a current issue. A National Post article states that the paper is "published in Delta, B.C., with a circulation of about 2,500, says on its editorial page it is dedicated to "Islamic brotherhood" and bringing "harmony amongst all Muslim and other communities."".

The article quotes the paper:
"It isn't Arabs lying about and guilt-tripping us with 'the holocaust' -- it is Jews," the article reads. "It wasn't Arabs who caused the Great Depression -- it was Jews. It wasn't Arabs who started WWI -- it was Jews. It wasn't Arabs who started WWII -- it was Jews."

The Dec. 19 article by Edgar Steele of Idaho goes on to blame Jews for 81 other items, ranging from pedophilia and organized crime to "race-mixing," militant feminism and "forcing us to allow homosexuals to lead Boy Scout troops."

I read this article and then tried to find the Miracle on the web - I only found one thing about them. Minutes of a BC School Board meeting where Mohammad Pirzada, representing Miracle Newspaper requested that the school board decline approval for three books (Belindas Bouquet, Ashass Mums, and One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dads, Blue Dads) as recommended learning resources in the school.

I only find this interesting since, in defence of publishing such articles, Chief editor Nusrat Hussain said, "We try to keep freedom of speech and not necessarily that we agree with the article and that is what Canada is about."

Freedom of speech, eh?

There might be a difference between school learning materials and newspapers however when the newspapers are distributed in mosques that line becomes very blurred.

Another interesting note is the mention in the NatPost article that the Miracle "includes a column penned by Liberal Senator Mobina Jaffer and an advertisement by the local Liberal MP, Joe Peschisolido." I guess we should expect some statements to come from their offices shortly.

The Liberals certainly don't want any more controversy in BC after some of Martin's fund raisers / supporters have been rounded up in the Pot for Coke scandal - I understood that our hash using PM was serious about opening the US border and supporting regional development but who would have suspected such a hands-on approach.

Jack Layton calls Martin a "practicing coal baron" - perhaps the fund raisers got a little confused - a residue of coal is coke - the dots are slowly being connected!

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