$25 million reasons the Leafs should win on Saturday 
After the Senators demolished the Leafs last time they played, some people brought out the worn out excuse of injuries. I tried to show that the lineups of the two teams, at that time, had a payroll difference of only just over $5 million.

Well, this time, there will be no excuses for Leaf Nation as they've added about $25 million to their lineup since that shellacking in the form of Sundin, Belfour, Kaberle, Reichel, and if, as expected Nolan returns.

But, take heart Leaf fans, you'll can still say, after you lose, that with Tucker and Mogilny you would have won. (Combined salary of $7.1 million)

Oh, and I can't wait to see the big tough Leafs wreak havoc on Alfredsson for his insensitive stick throwing jesture. Mike Augello from TMLfans.ca wrote:

"Something tells me that players like Roberts, Tucker, Domi, and Marchment will all be anxious to greet “Little Miss Danielle” the next time Ottawa visits the ACC."

Whatever. I'm sure Big Mats will take the matter into his own hands - right?

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