Warren would be proud. 
Saw on Bourque.org tonight a heading that read "TORIES BALK AT HARPER" linking to a CP story.

Here's what I dislike about the article:

1. The heading is "Tories balking at Harper as leader-by-default of new right-wing party". To me, especially with the term balking used, this would infer that Tories are turning away from the new party because of the current leadership situation and Harper's apparent lead in the race that hasn't started. The proof is presented by MP Rick Borotsik who states that "The majority of the (Tories) that I talk to are saying, 'Let's do the merger, but it has to be with a new leader,' " Hmmm, I never thought Tories to be stupid but apparently the ones that Rick hangs around with are - from my reading of the merger agreement - the leader was going to be decided after the party was created and not before. How those Tories are going to diverge from The Conservative Party will be very interesting??

2. Then, to back up the MP's thoughts on Harper, CP goes to James Laxer, a political science professor at York University. Of course, it doesn't merit mentioning that Laxer is as plugged into the NDP and the left as anyone could be - no, he is the professional opinion.

3. To bring the pendulum back to the land of unbiased journalism, a second opinion is brought in to basically say: Yeah, but Harper's not identified as being as crazy as the previous leaders - not yet at least!

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