Puzzling Polls 
Latest poll to come out:
Libs 45 % - Cons 21 % - NDP 14 % - BQ 9 % Green 4 %

I think some of the interesting things to note about this:

There was a poll that was mentioned often over the past couple of weeks that showed 57.5 per cent would vote for the Liberals. The NDP were next with 17.5 per cent, the "new party of the united right" got 12.6 per cent and the Bloc Quebecois had 8.8 per cent.
This got Bow talking about a new Liberal/NDP dichotomy, Spicer saying how the Liberals owned the Red Tories, and The Middleman suggesting "The Conservative Party momentum has halted".

My thinking is that the jump from 12.6 to 21 percent support can be attributed to the name change from "new party of the united right" to "The Conservative Party"??

In reality, these polls will be used by one side or another to generate positive or negative press but nothing will be firm about these numbers until the Conservative leader is selected and the election campaign begins.

The Globe article has a comment from the PMO:
Mario Lague, a spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, said the Conservatives' support should represent a peak for that party because the poll was conducted as the merger was being cemented. That should have given the new party a boost, Mr. Lague said, because of the buzz that is created from media attention. "I suspect this is as good as it's going to get for them."

A few more quotes like this and you'll see that 45% for the Liberals drop quickly. This is a perfect example of the arrogance that comes from the Liberals.

Also, at the end of the article:
Although many people seem to view Mr. Martin as an agent of change, the poll suggests about half of Canadians aren't so sure what the new Prime Minister will do in power. Forty-eight per cent of respondents said they either somewhat or strongly disagreed that they had a good understanding of the policies Mr. Martin will introduce.

So, Martin's performance will be watched - the Liberals will be hoping nobody watched his press conference on Saddam's capture:
- " ... of the US Army who effectuated, who really put, uh, Hussein, uh, into capture"
- " ... a court of international jurisdiction"
- " ... a different level of reconstruction and I think that's very, very important for the Iraqian people."
I was a little surprised by the lack of polish in his statement and responses to questions.

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