More thoughts on Brison.... 
So I did a Google search on Scott Brison trying to find his website - turns out I had the address right and it just isn't accessible right now.

Anyway, I came across this site listed about three spots down in the result page: Draft Scott Brison
If you go the parent directory there is lots of good stuff including:

The Peter MacKay Homophobe Song:
"This one is about Peter MacKay, who hides his homophobia pretending he just has a problem with gay marriage and not gays themselves. What makes him and others think that the love between a man and a woman is more special, more important or stronger such they should get some sort of special recognition?

Peter MacKay's A homophobe, do dah, do dah
Peter MacKay's A homophobe, do dah, do dah
Mackay is anti-gay

Mackay is anti-Gay
MAckay is anti-gay
Peter MacKay's a homophobe, just like Stockwell Day

and The Biggot Song
"Just a little ditty I wrote to relieve my anger... (over comments by Larry Spencer, Stephen Harper, Peter MacKay and all the little neo-nazi Homophobes out thereā€¦

Oh, I will not get into bed with biggots
I'd rather cut off their balls,
So take heed Stephen Harper
Mackay, Chandler and Chuck Strahl

I'll feed them to you on your dinner plate,
I'll protest at everything you appear
in public or in the media
From your nightmares I won't disapear

I'm sure this guy isn't representing Mr. Brison in any capacity and he doesn't speak for anyone but himself.

However, it did get me thinking that contrary to The Middleman's comments today, having Brison playing a lead role in the new party or running for leadership would actually restrict the hope that The Middleman states:
"For me Scott Brison represented a hope that the CP could re-invigorate that creative drive in national politics; that the conservatives could again become a representative national voice to put fiercely competitive Canadian values on display for judgment. "

The "Draft Brison" guy represents what would have continued to hurt the party. Discussions about the social attitudes of the party would have remained very high in the media as long as Brison was in the spotlight.

If the public continued to hear, for the next four months of a leadership race, that Brison represented the "progressive" social attitudes of Canadians, then they will naturally assume that the other, more likely candidates to lead the party, represent "regressive" attitudes. (With MacKay ready to run, Brison would not have had any chance of winning the leadership)

The Conservative party will become an alternative to the Liberals when they get their policies and leader out to the public and both are accepted. With Brison leaving, maybe the Conservative's actual policies will get more exposure. That is what will draw people to the party.

Also, MacKay's press release was very harsely worded. He included, "It may provide some short-term personal reward but will ultimately be judged by the voters of Kings-Hants." It will be very interesting to see what occurs in that riding next year.

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