JR interview on Sportsnet 
Roenick had an interview shown during the Sens-Flyers game last night. As usual, he was very blunt on a number of topics including the impending lockout. He coolly stated that both sides needed to put aside their egos and get a deal done because the game couldn't handle the result of an impasse.

Then, after saying that, he told the viewers that they shouldn't believe Gary Bettman - that the commissioner is basically lying when he gives the arguments ($$$ numbers) in favour of the owners position of a salary cap. Roenick said that is something that the players could not agree to - full stop.

I need to learn why the players are so adamant about refusing any salary cap - from what I know at this time, it seems their reasons for being against it come down to them refuting the owners financial numbers - not arguments against an actual cap.

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