So, the poll from the National Post came out regarding same-sex marriage.

"When asked in the COMPAS poll to choose one of three options, 30% said marriage should include only heterosexuals, and 37% said the definition of marriage should stay intact but a new category that includes same-sex unions should be created.
Only 31% said traditional marriage should be opened to gays."

Wells, on his site, pooh-poohed the poll as basically nothing new - that "If you offer people three options instead of two, support for one of the options drops from one-half to one-third!"

Is not the reverse more true?

Does this poll not convey more information about the attitudes of Canadians than the polls that only had the two options that the politicians have decided to choose between? If this challenge was brought before the government two years ago would the same push to change the definition of marriage have existed or would there have been more discussion on what should be done.

The poll suggests that Canadians want a "separate legal category" - naturally, it would be called Garriage. It would be the same as being married except the "m" is substituted for a "g" - everyone in the land is happy.

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