First entry 
Let's start this up with a hockey post......

With the Sens in a big funk, I'll rant on one of Ottawa's favourite targets - Mr Cherry. In his Coach's Corner segment this past weekend, two things irked me:

First, I thought his comments about Sidney Crosby were way over the top. I would have expected that he might offer some advice for the 16 year old but instead he's basically labelled him a hot dog that better watch out - it almost seemed like Cherry was setting himself up for a segment in a few years where he can say "Look at the way he is now - I had to straighten up the lad a few years back (flashback to his rant) - but look at him now!"

He then talked about Fata and Maholtra and how these guys were getting their careers on track after being brought up too early - and how all 18 year olds should play in the minors for a couple of years. Say what? Is this the same Don Cherry that was railing against the Sens for the last two years about Spezza not being on the team - oh right - that was all about his personal hate on for Marshall Johnston ....

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