Cellucci's comments criticized 
POGGe and Spicer both criticized the ambassador's statements.

If the US, in a case where the deportee has dual citizenship, does not get timely pressure and information from the Canadian representatives, as was in the case with Arar, why would they be obliged to send the person to Canada? - if they really believe, in Cellucci's words, are acting to "protect the safety of the people of the United States. We will reserve the right to act unilaterally in very rare cases."

Of course, what makes a case a "very rare case" is not clear.....

I suppose, in this instance, it was the connection to Almalki on an Ottawa lease.

Spicer asks "why are they safer when Canadians are deported elsewhere?" I think in the comparison between the ocean vs the US/CAN border - the ocean is a security winner.

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