Capital Clique? 
I saw this on The Hockey Pundits site - a quote from Stan Fischler:
"This from inside the Senators' dressing room: Coach Jacques Martin and GM John Muckler are missing the problem, which one player claims involves a clique inside the room. On top of that, neither Vaclav Varada nor Bryan Smolinski have played to management's expectations."

Now, I've heard something similar on the Ottawa sports radio as well but what is this clique?

Most people believe it to be a Czech/Slovak thing where Hossa, Chara, Bonk, Varada, Havlat, and Rachunek are keeping to themselves - but maybe it goes a little deeper than that....

Obviously, the socialist Saskatchewan boys Schaefer and Redden will not speak to the redneck Albertans Phillips and Van Allen. However, the four Westerners consider themselves brothers against the ignorant Easterners from Ontario - Spezza, White, Neil, and Fischer. The Manitobans Leschyshyn and Hnidy are in the middle of this and don't know who to trust.
Of course, the French player on the team, Lalime, feels left out of this group while the Americans Smolinski and Pothier suffer from the smug superiority that the Canadian players direct towards them.
Alfreddson feels alone now that he's the only Swede left on the team and Volchenkov and Schastlivy, the Russians, are worried because Melnyk sounds like a Moldovan name and we all know the history of the Moldovans and the Russians, right!

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