Big Peca 
Pierre Maguire and Bob McKenzie both suggested that Mike Peca could be headed to Toronto or Ottawa should the Islanders lose on Thursday to the Rangers. McKenzie noted that the player that would most like leave the Sens is the new whipping boy, Radek Bonk. No, they didn't quote Bruce Garrioch so this rumour might actually have some legs - at least Bruce can say that he knew Bonk was going first - he's been writing about it for 3 years!

First off, it's understood that Peca would be an immediate fan favourite in Ottawa - no question. He would fill (especially from the fans point of view) a leadership void that has been missing for a long time (since Cunneyworth left?) and would be able to take on Bonk's role as a defensive centre. It might also allow Spezza or White more time in offensive situations as Peca would not see as much ice as Bonk did on the powerplay or with Hossa.

The biggest concern with moving Bonk is the loss of his size. You are replacing a 6' 3", 220 lbs Bonk with Peca's 5' 11", 190 lbs. Suddenly, the massive Jason Spezza becomes your biggest forward at 6' 2" and close to half your lineup is less than 200 lbs - getting close to Montreal Canadien territory here! The other issues in such a swap are durability, salary, and maybe captainship of the team.

Am I in favour of such a deal? I guess I would say yes but I would be more comfortable if Mike Fischer was back on the forecheck and Muckler found a large, hard hitting left winger to play with Peca.

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