Bourque pointed out a couple of days ago the registration of www.belinda.ca by Navigator Limited - a company whose contact list includes former Alliance leadership candidate Tom Long's strategist Stewart Braddick, backroom Tory Jaime Watt, Warren Kinsella, and Greg Lyle, a former chief of staff to British Columbia Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell and former Manitoba Tory premier Gary Filmon.

Be careful though, lest your little finger on your left hand slip down when typing www.belinda.ca - www.belinda.cz is not a place many people will want to travel!

Also, don't make a mistake and go to belinda.com since it appears to lead you down a similar path.

The expected www.belindastronach.com and www.belindastronach.ca are registered by a Sébastien Carrière whose Star Trek links can be seen at http://www.geocities.com/sebcom/. It's possible that Mr. Carrière might be looking for some $$ for the addresses since he does have the Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition on his site including number 8: 'Only a fool passes up a business opportunity' and number 10: 'Greed is eternal'. Not related of course, there appears to be a picture of Mr. Carrière with le petit Ferengi, er, Jean Chretien here. Ouch.

An observation about the current candidates - their ages:
Harper - 44
Clement - 42
Stronach - 37
Strahl - 46
Quite the generation gap from our previous PM (69) and our current one (65). Jack Layton is 52.

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